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Medical Services

Parents: Please bring any medications your child needs into the office yourself. In order to prevent accidental dosing or sharing of medications, we ask that students do not carry medications themselves. We also need a medication permission form completed for each medicine. You can find the form attached here, and it can be faxed to the school: 512-495-9631, or emailed to the nurse.

As a member of the HFI team, the UTES school nurse is responsible for the coordination of medical services at UTES. The nurse provides the following services to our campus:
  • Collaborates closely with the campus administration, school counselor, teachers, parents, food service staff, and custodial staff to provide leadership to ensure  a healthy school environment and assist in meeting the health needs of the general school population and those students with identified health conditions
  • Provides direct care utilizing professional assessment skills, the nursing process and established school health protocols
  • Initiates and maintains accurate student health records, including immunization records, medication administration records, individual student treatment records, and individualized student health care plans (IHPs)
  • Establishes effective procedures for carrying out mandatory screening programs and submitting required reports; annual screenings include: hearing, vision, BMI measurements, acanthosis nigricans, and scoliosis
  • Communicates with parents regarding individual students and serves as a liaison between school personnel, the family, health care professionals, and the community, to ensure appropriate referral and follow up for student health needs
  • Contributes to the campus  communications to parents and the local community regarding health  issues
  • Contributes to Admission  Review & Dismissal (ARD) meetings of students with  identified health needs, and develops the IHP
  • Collaborates with the community experts and school personnel, including school psychologist/special education diagnostician regarding implementation of health related Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals and services
  • Educates faculty and staff as needed on health related topics
  • Develops and recommends campus policies and procedures to promote the health and wellness of students and staff
  • Supervises, trains and evaluates school nurse interns and other school personnel as designated by the campus principal to have responsibility for assisting students with health needs
  • Participates as a staff member on the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)