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About HFI

Healthy Families Initiative
A Coordinated School Health Program

Our Mission

The mission of the University of Texas Elementary School is three-fold: (1) to develop students into lifelong learners through rigorous, research-based curricula, individualized instruction, high expectations, and a nurturing environment that includes parental and community involvement; (2) to provide opportunities for professional development and outreach for The University of Texas at Austin’s academic units; and (3) to serve as a model of an exemplary educational program for diverse learners.

Our Vision

The vision of the University of Texas Elementary School Healthy Families Initiative is to build a community of dedicated students, families, teachers, companies, and organizations to create an environment that not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, but provides opportunities for students to actively explore the benefits of this way of life.

Our Staff

Rebecca Vore - Wellness Teacher
Kimberly Wilson - Sous Chef
Bob "Coach K" Knipe - Physical Education Teacher
Kerin Hurley - School Nurse
Lily Dominguez - School Counselor

Our Links

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