Graduation Society

Graduation Society

The Graduation Society is version 2.0 of our previous giving society.  While heretofore we were “visualizing” graduation, we now have our first cohort of high-school graduates from UT Elementary School and the dream has become reality.  

Thanks to members of the Graduation Society, who pledge to invest at least $1,000 in unrestricted funding each year for five years or more, many Little Longhorns will continue to go on and earn both their high school and college degrees.  Graduation Society members play a critical role in our ability to fulfill our mission, and are invited to our completion ceremony each year.


Carolyn and Dave Bartelli

Janet Mayer Bates, Garth C. Bates Jr. Memorial Fund

Laura and Steve Beuerlein

Leslie Blair

Carmel and Tom Borders, The Tapestry Foundation

Brook Anne Broesche

Mack and Sally Brown

Brian and Diane Bryant

Sherry and Bill Buchanan

Buena Vista Foundation

Penny and Dan Burck

The Cain Foundation

Norma V. Cantu

Ruy and Dionne Carrasco

Rick Chambers and Camille McNamara

Preston and Robiaun Charles

Melissa Chavez and Charles Soto

Graciela and Francisco Cigarroa

Clarke Family Foundation

Frank Denius

Bill and Sandy Fivecoat

Mike and Libby Gagne

David and Barbara Gamble

Mike Golden

Lisa and Sandy Gottesman

Ray and Leah Greenberg

Vaughn Gross

Lt. Col. Frank Schmidt and the Hay Girls

Ted and Margaret Henken

Arby and Vera N. Hinojosa

Courtney and Blake Houston

Amy and Kevin Imes

Arthur and T'Leatha Johnson

Suzon and Bill Kemp Family

Michael and Jeanne Klein

Laura Merritt and J. P. Kloninger

Fritz and Mary Korth

Bill and Lou Ann Lasher

Cindy Lo and Scott Francis, Red Velvet Events, Inc.

Perry Lorenz

Michael and Lynda MacLeod

Christine Mattsson and John McHale

Keith and Alice Maxie

Sam and Tim McClure

Kris and Bryce Miller

Mithoff Family Charitable Foundation

Walker and Shanell Moody

Karin and Sonny Morgan, John Eagle European

Mike A. Myers Foundation

Karen Nelson

Howard and Amy Nirken

Chris and Katie Ogden

Pat and Julie Oles

David and Jane Oshinsky

Cheyne and Sandra Pace

Tess and Greg Peters

PhoNatic Vietnamese Cuisine

Lisa and Randy Ramirez

George and Fran Ramsey

Don and Gina Reese

Bill and Misty Reid

Paul and Virginia Resta

Rodney Rideau

Erica and Victor Saenz

John C. Schweitzer

James and Mallory Shaddix

Dan and Maura Sharp

Molly and Ed Sharpe

Susie and Chris Shields

Jan Slagter

The Stahl Family Foundation

Studio 8 Architects

Sharon Vaughn

Gregory J. Vincent

Barbara Wallace

Joe Bill Watkins

Buzzy Woodworth

Vince and Candice Young

Harriet Youngblood