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Wish List

The school is very grateful and appreciative of unrestricted gifts.  We are most indebted to our Visualize Graduation Society, who pledge to make an unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more each year for at least five years.  Funding our operations is necessary to our work, and their very generous commitment to our mission helps our sustainability.  
In addition, we have other opportunities to support the school as well, for specific items and needs.  Below is our current wish list.  For more information on how to donate the items below or other items or services you think may be useful to UT Elementary School, please contact us.
Curricula Resources
As a research-based demonstration school, UT Elementary strongly believes in researching and seeking out the best possible curricula resources so that our teachers have the strongest tools possible to “teach to the spirit of every child.”  We study over hundreds of different resources to find the best materials that match our standards.  With these resources we are able to provide outstanding instruction to all students.  These needs change on a semi-annual basis.
Cafeteria Tables - $15K
UT Elementary School has a beautiful new space, the Healthy Horns Hall, which we feel is the “heart” of our campus.  This is where we learn, grow, and share food with one another.  A unique aspect of this space is that when we designed it, we envisioned round tables where our students, parents and staff could sit and talk with one another as opposed to our long bench tables.  While this space includes primarily round tables, we were unable to purchase enough to fill the room and still have two long bench tables which we would like to replace in this space.
Teacher Professional Development - $25K annually
Ongoing teacher development is a cornerstone of UT Elementary School.  We are committed to providing support for our teachers to participate in training and conferences that will enrich their teaching and help them grow professionally.  Most importantly, many of our teachers have produced nationally-recognized research and programs that need to be disseminated to educators, and one of the most effective ways for us to do so is for these teachers to present at national education conferences.  This fund would allow us to pay their way to such events, thereby vastly increasing educators’ knowledge of best practices in instruction.
Junior Achievement - $2,500
The Junior Achievement organization has offered to provide training to volunteers and parents at half the regular price in order to teach economics to our students - an important piece of knowledge as they grow up in the free market world and learn both macro and micro information about how the economy works.
Instructional Materials - $1,800 annually
Our teachers realize the value of creating a vibrant, thought-provoking environment for our students. Because of the very tight operating budget, often teacher reimbursements for classroom supplies are limited. With this investment, we would purchase teacher-selected instructional materials such as construction paper, scissors, pencil sharpeners and art supplies for all academic areas, not only grade-level classrooms but also special areas such as multi-cultural fine arts, wellness, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  
Outdoor Play Equipment - $500
The Little Longhorn community is fully committed to healthy and happy students.  One of the best ways to keep active, fit, and ready to learn is through play.  Children also learn during free recess times interpersonal and social skills like teamwork, communication, collaboration and sportsmanship.  Supplies of sports equipment, balls, hula hoops, etc. would be purchased and available for our students during recess times.

In addition to the wish list items above, for which we will gratefully accept donations, we also have the following items available for in-kind donations:

• Gift Cards to Walmart or HEB for school supplies
• Gift Cards for to buy education apps for classroom tablets
• Gift Cards to thank teachers, parents and volunteers for going the extra mile
• Classroom supplies: sharpies, dry erase markers, colored post it notes, index cards, envelopes, file folders, poster board, small chart tablets, heavy duty moving boxing tape, bean bags, pillows, white cardstock
• Art supplies, smocks, easel paper pads, all types of paper (scratch, construction, colored, etc.)
• Children’s Gardening Equipment: children-sized gloves, shovels, spades or wheelbarrows to help students learn about living a healthy lifestyle through gardening
• Five new or used portable computers -- laptops, tablets, or similar devices
• A new or used desktop computer
• Pre-K: clay, beads and other craft supplies, sand for sand box, angel trikes and other playground equipment safe for 4-5 year olds.
• Third grade: microscopes and electronic pencil sharpeners
• Wellness Class: arts and craft supplies (scissors, crayons, etc.), a small, used refrigerator to store food during food tasting, gift cards to ACE mart (restaurant supply)
• Workroom Supplies: extra coffee, plastic forks, spoons, knives and paper plates for our volunteers and staff