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Development Council

The University of Texas Elementary School is grateful to our Development Council members, who work tirelessly to support the mission of the school with their volunteer time. The Development Council currently consists of two committees: the capital campaign committee, and the annual giving campaign committee. In September of 2011, we will launch a marketing and communications committee.

Our capital campaign committee has worked for the last several years to secure funding so that the school can have a permanent home. Chaired by Pat Oles of Barshop & Oles Company, other members include:
• Betsy Abell, President, Buena Vista Foundation
• Hughes Abell, Partner, Llano Partners, Ltd.
• Laura Beuerlein, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Heritage Title Company of Austin
• Dan Burck, Board Chairman, American Campus
• Penny Burck, Community Volunteer
• Sandy Gottesman, President, Live Oak Gottesman Group
• Vaughn Gross, Education Consultant
• Rusty Kelley, Government Relations, Blackridge, TX
• Jeanne Klein, Co-President, Klein Foundation
• Michael Klein, Attorney, Smith, Robertson, Elliott & Glen, L.L.P.
• Perry Lorenz, Real Estate Developer
• Howard Nirken, Attorney, DuBois, Bryant, & Campbell, L.L.P.
• Julie Oles, Community Volunteer
• Layton Wilson, President, Layton B. Wilson Company

Our annual giving campaign committee is tasked with assisting us to raise 20% of the school's operating budget each year, or nearly half a million dollars. We are deeply grateful to them for their very active and dedicated service, which includes identifying opportunities for funding as well as hosting monthly tours and the annual fundraising event. Now chaired by Lisa Henken Ramirez who is taking over for outgoing chair Penny Burck, other committee members include:

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Sandy Fivecoat
• Cindy Lo is the founder, owner, and top event strategist for Red Velvet Events, an eleven-year old local event planning company that works with everyone from Fortunate100 companies to nonprofits.  Among touching every event, attending every meeting and answering every email, Cindy is a wife and a mother with a passion for travel who dares to visit all seven continents within her lifetime. She's already tackled five. Cindy started her career coding in the tech industry, and also has a love for designing anything from invitations to a ballroom.  After attending the second UT Elementary School fundraising luncheon Cindy became a devoted volunteer and a member of the Visualize Graduation Society.