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Annual Report

A Letter from the Executive Director
Dear UT Elementary School family and friends,

UT Elementary School is now in its twelfth year of operations.  Each and every year we grow stronger as an organization and as a community.  We are passionately committed to students and families we serve, the UT Austin students and faculty, and quality public education access for all students. Our community includes not only our staff but also the East Austin community, our partners, donors, volunteers, UT faculty, staff and students.  As shown through the creation and implementation of our strategic plan, we continue to focus on the actions that are true to our mission. This includes serving the families of East Austin with the best research-based curricula and instruction while maintaining a caring and welcoming environment, serving as a research site and training site for educators, and reaching out to our community, our partners, and the nation to share best practices that move education forward.

When we opened the first phase of our permanent facility in August 2012, the new space and donor support brought incredible new programming – STE(A)M, wellness, multicultural fine arts, nutritious-only food cooked and served in the cafeteria, the ability to host college courses on our campus. We cannot wait to see the changes that will occur once our new classroom space has been built, following the final phase of the school’s building campaign now underway.

This year, our first cohort of fifth-grade students to graduate from UT Elementary School will be seniors in high school and graduating in May. The founders of UT Elementary School envisioned a world where all children, regardless of background, are successful and ready for college, and in spring of 2015, we will see the first round of Little Longhorns become big Longhorns.

Please enjoy your tour of our website and view our latest annual report below. 


Melissa Chavez, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President and Executive Director of The University of Texas Charter School System 


Tonya King, M.Ed.

Executive Principal of UT Elementary School